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By Players, For Players

Katie's Personal Promise

I know what it's like to play at a bingo site and wonder if the people behind the
games really care about their players. Well as you know because I'm a bingo
player myself I really do care about all my players.

So here is our promise to all of our players - Old and New!


I promise that I have personally put 100% into making a site that you will love | Our software provider is fully licenced with the UK Gambling Commission, which means that all of our games run on a fully tested random number generator.

All of our hosts and customer service team are AWESOME! (in my opinion hehe), and we all believe whole heartedly that gambling should be for fun and not cause issues in your personal life. Anyway, enough of me blabbing on?

Player Guidelines

As we are working really hard to make a site that you love we expect our players to work together to make a fab community for all of us to enjoy.

In order to make that happen we think the following guidelines sum up what makes a fun member of Katie's Crew!

  1. We should all welcome new and old players like they're our close friends.
  2. Some players are just lucky! Please no negativity around other players' wins.
  3. Customer support & our hosts work tirelessly to get all of us the best outcome.
    Please speak to them in a manner you would want to be spoken to.
  4. Be careful with your personal details. We all want to meet our fellow members, but make sure you are 100% confident before sharing any details.
  5. And most importantly play within your means. If you ever feel that your play is effecting your life in a negative way, let us know! We've got lots of settings to help you manage your spending

Feedback Welcomed!

Katie loves to hear from her crew! Get in touch on

  • Feedback on how we can improve the site.

  • Feedback on players or staff who are excellent Katie Crew Members.

  • Birthdays or celebrations.

  • Feedback on players or staff issues.

Now get back in the bingo, you're missing out on the gossip! Katie xx

As you can probably tell I like to make my site a fun place to play and something personal rather than just another boring bingo site! So if you are like me (a bit crazy) and want to play somewhere with a bit of character, grab a cuppa and join me on my Facebook Group, Blog or YouTube Channel. Whoop!

Welcome Back!

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