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Here's a Limerick for you!

Just in case you missed my excellent limerick from the homepage! Here it is again for you! (yeah, I'm sad, I realise this ha!)

There once was a lady from Carlise

Who had every known type of mobile

She played at Katie's Bingo

Because she knew where ever she'd go

Her games would keep up with her lifestyle!

Never be bored again!

Get Katie's bingo on your phone or tablet anytime by visiting www.KatiesBingo.com on your Device. Also, don't forget to add us to your homescreen we wouldn't want to get lost :-)


As you can probably tell I like to make my site a fun place to play and something personal rather than just another boring bingo site! So if you are like me (a bit crazy) and want to play somewhere with a bit of character, grab a cuppa and join me on my Facebook Group, Blog or YouTube Channel. Whoop!

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