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So we all love a good freebie don't we! Well here at Katie's we've got a bucket load! All you need to know about our standard free games is listed in this lovely pretty table, so check it out below.

Katies Crew - Free Bingo Games!

Game Name Quids In Freebie On the House Freemium
Guaranteed Prize Pool £1 £35 £10 £150
Opening Times Daily 9am - 6pm Every 8 mins Daily 8pm Daily 9am - 6pm Every 8 mins Weekly Friday 8pm
7 day entry Requirement Any deposit Single deposit of £10. Single deposit of £25. Single deposit of £100.
Cost Free - yipeeeee!!

As you can probably tell I like to make my site a fun place to play and something personal rather than just another boring bingo site! So if you are like me (a bit crazy) and want to play somewhere with a bit of character, grab a cuppa and join me on my Facebook Group, Blog or YouTube Channel. Whoop!

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